Design a wearable emergency technology for camp counselors
Time frame: 10 weeks
Camp counselors lead activities, supervise children, and make sure campers are safe and happy. 
Most camps include a wide range of outdoor activities, each with new risks.
Counselors are often first responders in emergency situations. 

Most camps have an on-sight medic or nurse for big emergencies, but counselors are responsible for initial respose and assessment, as well as treatment of minor emergencies like cuts and scrapes, stings, bites, and burns.
What makes emergency response difficult?
Too many campers per counselor
Radios and additional communication tech are often too expensive
Nurses and health information are often far from emergencies
Counselor Challenges 
“I was unsure about if I was allowed to give someone pain pills that I had, so I had to go find someone to ask at a late hour.” 
“Gauging how severe the injuries were as well as being understaffed with too many kids. Knowing where to go and who to call.
 “Calming the young ones down, not ever having super formal first aid training.” 
“Finding the nurse or getting in contact with someone in charge. We (counselors) didn’t have radios, it was too expensive - only leads had them.”
- Responses from an anonymous survey given to 25 counselors
Additionally, counselors often carry a heavy pack to prepare for anything. 
What’s in a counselor’s bag?
Design a way for counselors to easily carry and access health and safety information specific to their campers
Design something low-tech and low-cost that would withstand a camp environment
Design a solution that works in conjunction with or replaces current solutions and does not add to counselor’s carry load
Ideation and prototyping

NFC tag bracelet
connect bracelet to app
adjustable fit
locking clasp stays on all week
App ideation
When tapped, the tag embedded in the bracelet pulls up the Tali app with personalized information for each camper.
So, how does Tali work out in the real world?
How does Tali work?
write tag
click onto camper wrist
tap with phone
 The friendly and bright visual display is individualized for each camper. Icons invite campers to follow along, and safety information leads to speedy and safe treatment.
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